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Private  Storage   


class %ZEN.Component.objectInspector extends dynaGrid

Displays contents of a given client component.
This is used by ZEN tools.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
3 7 29


%condition %controller %import %includeFiles
%page %resource OnCreateDataSet align
aux borders cells clientType
columnHeaderStyle columnWidth columns composite
containerStyle controlClass controlStyle controller
controllerId currColumn currMember currMemberType
currPage currRow dataBinding dataSet
disabled dragEnabled dropEnabled editLabels
enclosingClass enclosingStyle error format
gridClass gridLabel height hidden
hint hintClass hintStyle id
idEditable index invalid invalidMessage
label labelClass labelDisabledClass labelStyle
multiSelect name nowrap onafterdrag
onarrowclick onbeforedrag onblur onchange
onchangecell onchangepage onclick onclickcolumn
onclicklabel onclickrow ondblclick ondrag
ondrawcell ondrop onedit oneditcell
oneditkeydown oneditkeyup onfocus ongetcellvalue
onhide onkeydown onkeypress onkeyup
onmousedown onmouseout onmouseover onmouseup
onnotifyView onrefresh onrender onselect
onselectcell onshow onsubmit ontouchend
ontouchmove ontouchstart onupdate onvalidate
originalValue parent readOnly required
requiredMessage rowHeaderStyle rowLabelWidth rows
scrollIntoView selectedCellBackground selectedCellColor selectedRange
selectedRangeBackground showAll showArrows showColumnLabels
showLabel showRowLabels showZebra slice
style tabIndex title tuple
valign value visible width

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%ClassIsLatestVersion %ClassName %ConstructClone %CreateDataSet
%DispatchClassMethod %DispatchGetModified %DispatchGetProperty %DispatchMethod
%DispatchSetModified %DispatchSetMultidimProperty %DispatchSetProperty %DrawComponentHTML
%DrawHTML %DrawJSStrings %EnclosingDivId %Eval
%EvalC %Extends %ForceClientRender %GetEventHandlers
%GetForm %GetParameter %GetXMLName %IsA
%IsModified %MakeId %Name %New
%NormalizeObject %ObjectModified %OnAddToPageAfter %OnAddToPageBefore
%OnDrawEnclosingDiv %OnDrawObjectProperties %OnObjectSynch %OnZENDeserialize
%OriginalNamespace %PackageName %QuoteValue %QuoteValueL10N
%RemoveFromSaveSet %Self %SerializeObject %SetDefaultValues
%SetModified %ValidateObject XMLDTD XMLExport
XMLExportToStream XMLExportToString XMLNew XMLSchema
XMLSchemaNamespace XMLSchemaType acquireData adjustSizes
applyValue cellClickHandler cellDblClickHandler cellEditKeyHandler
cellEditKeyUpHandler columnLabelDblClickHandler columnLabelHandler dblClickHandler
dragFinishHandler dragHandler dragNotifyHandler dragStartHandler
dropHandler dropStartHandler editCell editMember
exposeComponent findElement fireOnUpdateEvent focus
formatValue getCSSWidthSpec getCellContents getCellEditor
getCellInfo getCellProperty getCellValue getColumnCount
getColumnInfo getColumnProperty getController getCurrColumn
getCurrMember getCurrMemberType getCurrObject getCurrRow
getData getDataSet getDimSize getDimensions
getDisabled getDisplayValue getDragData getEdgeWidth
getEditCellHTML getEnclosingDiv getForm getHidden
getHintElement getInvalidReason getLabel getLabelElement
getPageCount getProperty getReadOnly getRowCount
getRowInfo getRowMemberName getRowProperty getRowType
getSelectedRange getSettings getType getValue
gridKeyBlur gridKeyDownHandler gridKeyFocus gridKeyPressHandler
gridLabelHandler invokeSuper isCellEditable isCellVisible
isModified isOfType isValid makeId
moveToCell nextPage normalizeValue notifyViewHandler
onCreate onDelete onDisplayHandler onEndModalHandler
onPopupAction onRefreshContents onSerialize onStartModalHandler
onchangeHandler onloadHandler onunloadHandler onupdateHandler
previousPage refreshContents render renderContents
renderInspector renderSVG rowLabelDblClickHandler rowLabelHandler
select selectCell selectCellHandler selectCellRange
sendEventToController setCellProperty setCellValue setColumnProperty
setControllerId setCurrMember setCurrObject setData
setDisabled setHidden setLabelValue setOverlayMode
setProperty setReadOnly setRowProperty setValue
showCellButton startProgressBar stopEditCell stopProgressBar
sysName unformatValue update validationHandler


• parameter DEFAULTGRIDCLASS = "inspectorGrid";
Subclasses can set this to change default css class used for grids.
• parameter DEFAULTGRIDLABEL = "Property";
Default value for the gridLabel property.
Default value for the rowLabelWidth property in pixels.


• property currMember as %ZEN.Datatype.string(XMLPROJECTION="none");
Client property that holds name of current property.
• property currMemberType as %ZEN.Datatype.string(XMLPROJECTION="none");
Client property that holds type of current property.
• property idEditable as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
If true, then the id property can be edited.
• property onedit as %ZEN.Datatype.eventHandler;
onedit event handler:
This event is fired when the user presses the edit property button in the inspector. If not present, then the default action of launching the %ZEN.Dialog.componentValueEditor popup window is carried out.
• property onselect as %ZEN.Datatype.eventHandler;
onselect event handler: This event is fired when the user selects a property in the inspector.
• property readOnly as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
If true, values in the inspector cannot be edited.
• property showAll as %ZEN.Datatype.boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
If true show all properties of component, else just show settable properties.


• method acquireData() [ Language = javascript ]
Get the properties and values from the target object.
• method applyValue(property, value) [ Language = javascript ]
Apply a value to the target object.
• method dblClickHandler() [ Language = javascript ]
User double click on a cell.
• method editMember(name) [ Language = javascript ]
User click on edit member button within inspector.
• method getCellContents(data, r, c) [ Language = javascript ]
Prepares data for display within a given cell. If there is an ondrawcell callback, it is invoked. This callback has a chance to chance the contents that will be displayed within the cell.
• method getColumnInfo(c) [ Language = javascript ]
Return an object containing display information for column c (0-based).
• method getCurrMember() [ Language = javascript ]
Return name of selected object member.
• method getCurrMemberType() [ Language = javascript ]
Return type of selected object member.
• method getCurrObject() [ Language = javascript ]
Return current object.
• method getData(d1, d2, d3) [ Language = javascript ]
Return the data contained in the specified location. Location is 0-based;
• method getDataSet() [ Language = javascript ]
Return the dataSet object associated with this grid. The inspector will serve as its own dataSet.
• method getDimSize(dim) [ Language = javascript ]
Return the number of items in the specified dimension (dim is 1,2, or 3).
• method getDimensions() [ Language = javascript ]
Return the number of dimensions in the dataSet.
• method getDisplayValue(val) [ Language = javascript ]
Get the string to display for a given value.
• method getEditCellHTML(r, c, value) [ Language = javascript ]
Return the HTML that renders the cell editor for the given cell. r and c are 1-based. Override to provide custom-behavior.
• method getLabel(n, dim) [ Language = javascript ]
Get the label at position n (0-based) in the given dimension (1,2, or 3).
• method getRowInfo(r) [ Language = javascript ]
Return an object containing display information for row r (0-based).
• method getRowMemberName(r) [ Language = javascript ]
Find the property name associated with row r (0-based).
• method getRowType(r) [ Language = javascript ]
Find what type of data should be in row r (0-based).
• method onCreate() [ Language = javascript ]
Initialize additional client-side variables
• method onPopupAction(popupName, action, value) [ Language = javascript ]
This client event, if present, is fired when a popup page has specified this component as its parent and fires an action.
popupName is the name of the popup window sending the action.
action is the name of the action.
value is the value associated with the action.
• method renderInspector() [ Language = javascript ]
Redraw contents of object inspector
• method selectCellHandler(r, c) [ Language = javascript ]
Notification that user is about to move to a new cell.
• method setCellValue(value, r, c) [ Language = javascript ]
Set the value of grid cell; Row and column are 1-based.
• method setCurrMember(name) [ Language = javascript ]
Set selected object member (given its name).
• method setCurrObject(obj) [ Language = javascript ]
Make given component the current inspector target.
• method setData(value, d1, d2, d3) [ Language = javascript ]
Set the data contained in the specified location. Location is 0-based;
• method showCellButton(r, c) [ Language = javascript ]
If this method is defined, and returns true, then a button is displayed within the selected cell.
• method update() [ Language = javascript ]
Update the values displayed within the inspector.