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class %ZEN.Component.page extends abstractPage

Represents a page within a Zen application.
User pages within a Zen application are derived from this class.
A page class defines and serves the contents of a Zen page. The contents of the page are defined by a set of Zen components contained by the page object. This set of components is typically defined within an XData block named Contents. It is also possible to define or modify this set of components by overriding the %OnAfterCreatePage callback method.
There are a number of class parameters that a page class can use to control the behavior of the page. These include:

There are a number of server-side callback methods that a page class can override to control the behavior of the page. (See %ZEN.Component.abstractPage.) These include: This class also provided the definition of the client-side zenPage object that represents the client-side version of the page object.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
5 23


This is a Zen Page class. 

%condition %import %includeFiles %page
%resource align aux backgroundTimerInterval
cellAlign cellSize cellStyle cellVAlign
children composite containerStyle cssLevel
disabled dragAndDrop dragEnabled dropEnabled
enclosingClass enclosingStyle error groupClass
groupStyle height hidden hint
hintClass hintStyle id index
label labelClass labelDisabledClass labelPosition
labelStyle layout name onafterdrag
onbeforedrag onclick ondrag ondrop
onhide onrefresh onshow onupdate
parent showLabel slice title
tuple useSVG useSoftModals valign
visible width window zenPersistentPopup

%AddChild %AddChildAfter %AddChildBefore %AddComponent
%AddImportedComponents %AddToSaveSet %ApplyURLParms %Attr
%BindExport %ClassIsLatestVersion %ClassName %ConstructClone
%DispatchClassMethod %DispatchGetModified %DispatchGetProperty %DispatchMethod
%DispatchSetModified %DispatchSetMultidimProperty %DispatchSetProperty %DrawAutoLogout
%DrawClassDefinitions %DrawComponentHTML %DrawHTML %DrawHTMLPage
%DrawJSStrings %DrawObjectDefinitions %EnclosingDivId %EndBackgroundMethod
%EndScript %Eval %EvalC %Extends
%ForceClientRender %GetChildIndex %GetComponent %GetComponentById
%GetComponentByName %GetEventHandlers %GetLinks %GetPageName
%GetParameter %GetValueById %GetValueByName %GetXMLName
%IsA %IsModified %Link %LinkCSS
%LinkScript %MakeId %New %NormalizeObject
%ObjectModified %OnAddToPageAfter %OnAddToPageBefore %OnAfterCreatePage
%OnBeforeCreatePage %OnCreateApplication %OnCreatePage %OnDetermineCSSLevel
%OnDrawEnclosingDiv %OnDrawHTMLBody %OnDrawHTMLHead %OnDrawHTMLMeta
%OnDrawObjectProperties %OnFinishBackgroundTask %OnMonitorBackgroundTask %OnMutateChildren
%OnObjectSynch %OnPreHTTP %OnSubmit %OnUseSoftModals
%OnZENDeserialize %OriginalNamespace %PackageName %QuoteValue
%QuoteValueL10N %RemoveChild %RemoveChildren %RemoveComponent
%RemoveFromSaveSet %RunBackgroundMethod %Self %SerializeObject
%SetBackgroundMethodStatus %SetErrorById %SetErrorByName %SetModified
%SetValueById %SetValueByName %SetValuesByName %StartScript
%ValidateObject %ZENVersion ConvertParameter Decrypt
Encrypt EscapeHTML EscapeURL HyperEventCall
HyperEventHead Include InsertHiddenField InsertHiddenFields
IsPrivate Link OnHTTPHeader OnPage
OnPageError OnPostHTTP OnPostHyperEvent OnPreHTTP
OnPreHyperEvent Page QuoteJS RewriteURL
ShowError StartTimer StopTimer ThrowError
UnescapeHTML UnescapeURL XMLDTD XMLExport
XMLExportToStream XMLExportToString XMLNew XMLSchema
XMLSchemaNamespace XMLSchemaType addChild addChildAfter
addChildBefore cancelPopup childrenMutated correctIELayering
createComponent createComponentNS deleteComponent dragFinishHandler
dragHandler dragNotifyHandler dragStartHandler dropHandler
dropStartHandler endModal exposeComponent findElement
fireOnResizeEvent fireOnUnloadEvent fireOnUpdateEvent firePopupAction
getChildIndex getComponent getComponentById getEnclosingDiv
getHidden getHintElement getLabelElement getOpener
getProperty getSettings getType gotoPage
invokeSuper isOfType launchPopupWindow makeId
onCreate onDelete onDisplayHandler onEndModalHandler
onPopupAction onRefreshContents onSerialize onServerMethodCall
onServerMethodError onServerMethodReturn onStartModalHandler ondisabledHandler
onkeydownHandler onkeyupHandler onlayoutHandler onloadHandler
onlogoutHandler onoverlayHandler onresizeHandler onunloadHandler
onupdateHandler popupActionHandler refreshContents removeChild
render renderContents renderSVG setComponentId
setHidden setOverlayMode setProperty setPropertyAll
setTraceOption startModal startProgressBar stopProgressBar

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Internal parameter. There is nothing to queue up for page classes.
• parameter VALIDATEXML = 0;
Validate user pages
• parameter XMLINCLUDEINGROUP = 0;
User pages do not have an XML representation
• parameter XMLNAME;
Reset XMLNAME parameter.


• final method %AddComponent(pComponent As %ZEN.Component.object) as %Status
Called by a component to register that it is part of this page.
• final method %AddImportedComponents(pImportList As %String) as %Status
Internal method.
Take a list of imported classes and add them the ComponentClasses list.
• method %GetChildIndex(pChild As %ZEN.Component.component) as %Integer
Server-only method: Look for the given child object within this group's set of children and return its 1-based index number.
Returns -1 if unable to find the child.
• method %RemoveChild(pComponent As %ZEN.Component.object) as %Boolean
Remove child component pComponent from this group. Returns true if the component was found and removed.
• final method %RemoveChildren(pDynamicOnly As %Boolean = 0)
Remove all children from this group.
• final method %RemoveComponent(pComponent As %ZEN.Component.object) as %Status
Called by a component when it is removed from this page. Applications should not call this method directly. If you need to remove a component from a page, use the %RemoveChild of %ZEN.Component.group instead.
• classmethod XMLDTD(top As %String, format As %String, input As %Boolean, ByRef dtdlist) as %Status
Local override.
• method XMLExport(top As %String = "", format As %String = "", namespaces As %XML.Namespaces = "", attrs="", createId As %String = "", typeAttr As %String = "", ByRef oreflist, ByRef idlist, initialIndent As %String = "", local As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Local override.
• method XMLExportToStream(ByRef export As %Stream.Object, top As %String, format As %String, namespaces As %XML.Namespaces, attrs, createId As %String, typeAttr As %String, ByRef oreflist, ByRef idlist, initialIndent As %String) as %Status
Local override.
• method XMLExportToString(ByRef export As %String, top As %String, format As %String, namespaces As %XML.Namespaces, attrs, createId As %String, typeAttr As %String, ByRef oreflist, ByRef idlist, initialIndent As %String) as %Status
Local override.
• classmethod XMLSchema(top As %String, format As %String, namespacePrefix As %String = "", input As %Boolean, refOnly As %Boolean, ByRef schema) as %Status
Local override.