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Private  Storage   


class %ZEN.SessionEvents extends %CSP.SessionEvents

CSP session event handler for Zen.


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OnApplicationChange OnEndRequest OnEndSession OnLogin
OnLogout OnStartRequest OnStartSession OnTimeout


• classmethod OnApplicationChange(oldapp As %String, newapp As %String) as %Status
Called when a session that was in CSP application oldapp is now going to run a page in CSP application newapp. If this returns an error value then instead of running the page in the new application it will redirect to the error page (error page looked up from old application).
• classmethod OnEndSession()
Called when the session is about to be deleted.
• classmethod OnStartSession()
Called when a new session is created and its values are initialised.
• classmethod OnTimeout()
Called when the CSP Daemon times out out this session.