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class %zDocBookUtils.Common extends %RegisteredObject


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4 31


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ChangeClasses DeleteClass DeleteClasses DeleteIfExists
DisableAuditing EnableAuditing HaveSearchableProp LoadAndCompileDocBook
LoadAndCompileHelperCode LoadNewSysCode LoadNewZenAbstractPage LogDocumaticUpdate
LogItem MakeSysLibReadOnly MakeSysLibWriteable ModifyAdminUser
OnDocServer OnExternalDocServer OnInternalDocServer RefreshDirectory
RemoveObsolete Setup WriteDBMURL


• parameter DOCUMATICUPDATE = "DocumaticUpdate.log";
• parameter EXTERNALDOCSERVERS = "docs1,docs2,irisdocs1,irisdocs2,irisdocs3";
• parameter INTERNALDOCSERVERS = "iscdocs";
• parameter UPDATELOGDIR;


• classmethod ChangeClasses(package As %String = "", change As %String = "", verbose As %Boolean = 1)
Helper method. change is "hide" or "show" or ""
• classmethod DeleteClass(classname As %String = "")
Helper method used by RemoveObsolete and by DeleteClasses.
• classmethod DeleteClasses(verbose As %Boolean = 1)
Deletes all non-% classes in DOCBOOK namespace, including DocBook.UI.* classes, but not the DocBook.* classes.
• classmethod DeleteIfExists(classname As %String = "")
Helper method.
• classmethod DisableAuditing(verbose As %Boolean = 0)
• classmethod EnableAuditing(verbose As %Boolean = 0)
• classmethod HaveSearchableProp() as %Boolean
Helper method for use by LoadAndCompileHelperCode and by methods in Utils.PostLoad
• classmethod LoadAndCompileDocBook(which As %String = "old", verbose As %Boolean = 1)
Helper method for use by Setup(). which = old or new
• classmethod LoadAndCompileHelperCode(which As %String = "private", verbose As %Boolean = 1, initTables As %Boolean = 0)
Helper method for use by Setup(). which = public or private
• classmethod LoadNewSysCode(verbose As %Boolean = 0, newZenPage As %Boolean = 1)
This enables us to load the %CSP.Documatic files from //learning/classref. It also redefines the /csp/documatic application to use a directory we can write to.
  • Namespace = %SYS
  • Physical directory = csp/documatic
AND it loads a new version of %ZEN.Component.abstractPage (so that we can have GTM code on Doc.Search.
• classmethod LoadNewZenAbstractPage(verbose As %Boolean = 0)
for use on systems where we can't use LoadNewSysCode
• classmethod LogDocumaticUpdate(which As %String = "new")
• classmethod LogItem(loggroup As %String = "", logitem As %String = "", verbose As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
Used in several places to add entries to ^DocBook.CodeLog, which is meant to record the last 14 days worth of code & configuration changes
• classmethod MakeSysLibReadOnly(verbose As %Boolean = 0)
Helper method for use by LoadNewSysCode
• classmethod MakeSysLibWriteable(verbose As %Boolean = 0)
Helper method for use by LoadNewSysCode
• classmethod ModifyAdminUser(verbose As %Boolean = 0)
This method is called by ^%zdocserver
• classmethod OnDocServer(verbose As %Boolean = 0) as %Boolean
Returns true if we are on one of the doc. servers; returns false otherwise
• classmethod OnExternalDocServer(verbose As %Boolean = 0) as %Boolean
Returns true if we are on the internal server; returns false otherwise
• classmethod OnInternalDocServer(verbose As %Boolean = 0) as %Boolean
Returns true if we are on the internal server; returns false otherwise
• classmethod RefreshDirectory(whichDocBook As %String = "new", verbose As %Boolean = 1)
Utility method for use in refreshing source-controlled instance (to get new version of /csp/docbook files
• classmethod RemoveObsolete(verbose As %Boolean = 0)
Helper method. We run this in more than one namespace
• classmethod Setup(whichDocBook As %String = "none", whichHelper As %String = "none", verbose As %Boolean = 1)
The whichDocBook parameter affects which DocBook code is loaded:
  • "new" -- new version of DocBook UI
  • "old" -- old version of DocBook UI
  • "none" -- neither
    The whichHelper parameter affects which helper code is loaded:
  • "public" -- all helper code except the DBM UI and other packages used only by the doc. team
  • "private" -- all help code needed to load content (no UI code) -- this is the stuff that's always loaded
  • "none" -- neither
• classmethod WriteDBMURL()

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