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class %zDocBookUtils.HTML extends %RegisteredObject


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GetBodyEnd GetBodyStart GetBreadcrumbArrayForClass GetBreadcrumbDiv
GetConfigInfo GetCookieSeen GetGTMBodyCode GetGTMCode
GetHomeDivAsFooter GetLogoDiv GetSitesMenu GetUniversalFooter


• classmethod GetBodyEnd(pageinfoobject As %DynamicObject = "") as %String
• classmethod GetBodyStart(pageTopic As %Boolean = 0) as %String
• classmethod GetBreadcrumbArrayForClass(namespace As %String = "%SYS", classname As %String = "") as %DynamicArray
• classmethod GetBreadcrumbDiv(breadcrumbarray="") as %String
Given a breadcrumb array, return the HTML we can use to display a locator div for it. breadcrumbarray is an array of objects, each of which has the properties title, subtitle, type, and url. GetBreadcrumbArray() in DocAPI.v1.Content) returns such an array. So does GetBreadcrumbArrayForClass(), in this class.
• classmethod GetConfigInfo(object As %DynamicObject = "")
• classmethod GetCookieSeen() as %String
• classmethod GetGTMBodyCode() as %String
For use immediately after <body>
• classmethod GetGTMCode() as %String
for use in HTML head
• classmethod GetHomeDivAsFooter()
• classmethod GetLogoDiv(useLocal As %Boolean = "")
• classmethod GetSitesMenu() as %String
For use at the top of a page
• classmethod GetUniversalFooter(object As %DynamicObject = "", addID As %Boolean = 0) as %String
object is a pageInfo object or it's a string="notime"

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