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Private  Storage   


class CSPX.EnsLogTablePane extends CSPX.SQLQueryPane

Specialized pane for displaying a list of log items.


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
1 7


Actions Align AutoRefresh CheckboxId
CommandFormClass CommandFormObject CommandSubmitPage Commands
Conditions FrameStyle HiddenColumns ItemsPerPage
MaxColumns MaxResults Name Query
SQLQuery ShowCheckboxes ShowFilter ShowLastUpdate
ShowRowNumbers ShowSearchPage ShowZebra Sortable
Styles Text URL bgcolor
border cellpadding cellspacing

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• parameter IDCOL = "ID";
Name of ID Column if "More Data" link is to be offered ($NextID variable must be supported in CreateResultSet() also)


• method CreateResultSet(ByRef pID As %String, ByRef pRS As %ResultSet) as %Status
This method creates the %ResultSet object that is used for the table pane.
A subclass can override this to customize the table displayed by this pane.
pID is array of page variables...
• method DrawBODY(pInstance As %CSP.Util.PageInstance) as %Status
Override this method from the superclass to check if there is an error in the Start Time and/or End Time fields and display this error instead of running the query.
• method FilterPostRS(pRS As %ResultSet, ByRef pPropVals, level=1, tNode="1", pInOR=0) as %Boolean
Apply additional filter criteria to determine whether to display the current row returned by the ResultSet Return value 1 means display the current row
• method GetColorByColumn() as %String
Subclass can override this to specify the name of column used to distinctly color rows
• method GetColumnWidths(pWidthArray) as %String
Subclass can override this to specify the widths of columns used and the character(s) to wrap on (under pWidthArray(iCol,"breakchars"))
• method GetLinks(ByRef pValues, ByRef pLinks)
Subclass can override this to specify hyperlinks for the columns
• method GetToolTips(ByRef pValues, ByRef pTips)
Subclass can override this to specify tooltips for the columns