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class CSPX.EnsMsgReportPane extends %CSP.Page

An AutoPage pane that displays a session summary report document


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• parameter CONTENTTYPE = "text/xml";
Specifies the default content type for the page. This can be overriden using the <CSP:CONTENT TYPE=> tag, or by setting the %response.ContentType property in the OnPreHTTP method. The default value if this parameter is not set is text/html.
• parameter DOMAIN = "Ensemble";
Use our own domain for localization


• classmethod GenerateEventReport(sessionId As %String)
• classmethod GenerateMsgReport(sessionId As %String, startTime As %String, endTime As %String, startId As %Integer, endId As %Integer)
• classmethod GenerateRuleLogReport(sessionId As %String)
• classmethod GenerateXMLReport(sessionId As %String, startTime As %String, endTime As %String, startId As %Integer, endId As %Integer)
Generate an XML version of the trace.
• classmethod OnPage() as %Status
Draw the XML report
• classmethod RenderEventAsXML(ByRef pRS)
• classmethod RenderRuleLogAsXML(ByRef pRS)
• classmethod RenderTraceEntryAsXML(ByRef entry)