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Private  Storage   


persistent class EnsLib.Agent.Interface extends
%Persistent, %XML.Adaptor

instances of this class represent configuration linkages : entries in a table of client interfaces


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
5 12 6 2


AgentName Availability ClientId ConfigItem ConfigTimeout
Credential Description Location Notes Options
RelayPort Type

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• parameter FDOptions = "FD_CreateDir=0,FD_UseTemp=*";
File_Drop options
• parameter FPOptions = "FP_DeleteWhenDone=1,FP_CreateDir=0,FP_DirPollingInterval=20,FP_ConfirmSizeInterval=0,FP_MinutesRecent=0,FP_Wildcard=*";
File_Pick options
• parameter SAOptions = "SA_PollInterval=12,SA_StayConnected=20";
General Agent options
• parameter TCOptions = "TC_IdleDisconnect=0,TC_ConnectTimeout=20,TC_ReadTimeout=10,TC_CallInterval=2";
TCP_Connect options
• parameter TLOptions = "TL_MaxSockets=4,TL_IdleDisconnect=0,TL_ReadTimeout=10,TL_CallInterval=2";
TCP_Listen options


• property AgentName as %String(MAXLEN=128) [ Required ];
Name of the Agent this interface communicates with
• property Availability as %String(VALUELIST=",Init,Ready,Failed,Stopped,Partial,PartialFailed,PartialStopped,Overdue",XMLPROJECTION="None") [ InitialExpression = "Init" ];
Availability of Interface or of Agent as a whole (when ClientId=0). 'Partial...' and 'Overdue' values apply only to Agent root interface records.
• property ClientId as %Integer;
Number of the client interface for a given Agent. Interface 0 is for the agent itself
• property ConfigItem as %String(MAXLEN=128);
Associated config item for settings: if any then affinity with the named configured Agent.ProxyService; if empty the first Agent.ProxyService found will be used.
• property ConfigTimeout as %Numeric [ InitialExpression = 30 ];
Number of seconds the associated config item should wait for a synchronous confirmation from the Agent of outbound traffic on this interface
• property Credential as %String(MAXLEN="");
Authentication for the client
• property Description as %String(MAXLEN="");
Descriptive name of the interface
• property Location as %String(MAXLEN="");
File path or TCP Address/Port for the interface
• property Notes as %String(MAXLEN="");
Notes about the interface
• property Options as array of %String;
Options for the interface to be sent to the remote agent; some may be derived from the ConfigItem
• property RelayPort as %Integer;
Local port to use in relaying TCP traffic to the Agent.ProxyService
• property Type as %String(MAXLEN=11,VALUELIST=",Agent,File_Drop,File_Pick,TCP_Connect,TCP_Listen");
Type of interface on the agent; if empty then the interface is for the agent itself and the ClientId is 0


• method AddStatus(pCode, pText)
Construct a new StatusEvent entry for the current Interface
• classmethod DeleteAgent(pAgentName As %String) as %Status
• classmethod GetAgentService(pAgentName As %String, pConfigName As %String, Output pAgentService As %String, Output pParam As %String) as %Status
• method SetAvailability(pAvailability As %String)
Set and immediately save the Availability field of this Interface object and its parent Agent


•index (AgentTypeConfig on AgentName,Type,ConfigItem) [Unique];
•index (InterfaceId on AgentName,ClientId) [IdKey,Unique];