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Private  Storage   


class EnsLib.EDI.X12.SchemaXML extends %XML.SAX.ContentHandler


Parameters Properties Methods Queries Indices ForeignKeys Triggers
10 10


%propNames CatOnly Error Filename
base category elementname elementtype
forceCategory lastFileCategory

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Export GetImportCategory Import LocatePosition
Mask OnPostParse PopHandler PushHandler
characters comment compositeDescToName endCDATA
endDTD endDocument endEntity endPrefixMapping
error fatalError fieldDescToName ignorableWhitespace
processingInstruction skippedEntity startCDATA startDTD
startDocument startEntity startPrefixMapping warning


• property %propNames as %String [ MultiDimensional ];
Array for disambiguation of names
• property CatOnly as %Boolean;
Flag to only check the category defined in the schema xml file
• property Error as %Status [ InitialExpression = $$$OK ];
Error encountered inside xml import handler
• property Filename as %String;
Filename for use in constructing xml handler error messages
• property base ;
• property category ;
• property elementname ;
• property elementtype ;
• property forceCategory as %String;
slot for remembering forced category name
• property lastFileCategory as %String;
slot for remembering categories encountered in schema xml file


• classmethod Export(pCategory As %String, pFile As %String) as %Status
• classmethod GetImportCategory(pFilename As %String) as %String
• classmethod Import(pFile As %String, Output pCategoryImported As %String, pForceCategory As %String) as %Status
• classmethod compositeDescToName(desc, elem, piece) as %String
• classmethod fieldDescToName(desc, elem, piece) as %String