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Specifying an Update Plan
To specify the update plan for a cube group and its cubes:
  1. Display the Cube Manager in tree view.
  2. Click the group in the middle area.
  3. In the Details pane on the right, specify the following information:
    Initially, these details apply to all cubes in the group. If you edit details for a specific cube and then later want to reapply the group defaults, click Apply to All Cubes in Group.
  4. Optionally click a cube within this group (in the middle area) and edit information for that cube in the Details pane on the right.
    The options are similar to those for the entire group, but include the following additional options, depending on whether the cube supports synchronization:
    In all cases, your code can perform any processing required.
    Modify each cube as needed.
  5. Click Save.
    When you do so, the Cube Manager creates or updates the cube registry in this namespace. If the Task Manager does not yet include the necessary tasks, the Cube Manager creates them.

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