Defining DeepSee Models
Using Property Values as the Member Names
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Using Property Values as the Member Names
By default, the source values for a level become the names for the members of the level.
You can instead specify the member names by defining a property for this level and using the values of that property as the member names. This is useful in the following scenarios:
To use property values as the names for members of a level:
  1. Define a property for this level, as described in the next chapter.
    Each member of the level has a value for this property.
  2. For this property, select the Use as member names option.
  3. Optionally, to retrieve the property value at runtime, select the Get value at run time option.
    If you use this option, note the following requirement: For the parent level (the level that contains the property), the source property or source expression of that level must evaluate to an ID. The system assumes that (at least for this level), the source data is normalized. That is, for the level, the data is in a different table and the source table contains a link to that table.
The SAMPLES namespace provides the following examples of levels that have properties with Use as member names, Get value at run time, or both:

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