Business Process and Data Transformation Language Reference
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Send an alert message to a user device during execution of a business process.
<alert value="The system needs service right away."/>
Attribute or Element Description Value
value attribute Required. The text for the alert message. A string of one or more characters. May be an expression or a literal string. If this is an expression, it must use the scripting language specified by the containing <process> element.
name, disabled, xpos, ypos, xend, yend attributes See Common Attributes and Elements.”  
<annotation> element
The <alert> element sends an alert message to a user device.
The text of the message is always written to the Ensemble Event Log as an entry of type Alert. However, the real purpose of the <alert> element is to contact the user through some notification device such as a pager or email. The <alert> element does this by sending the text of the message to a configuration item called Ens.Alert, which has been set up with all the information necessary to contact user devices outside Ensemble.
If no Ens.Alert item has been configured as a member of the production, the <alert> simply goes to the Event Log.
For details, see Defining Alert Processors in Developing Ensemble Productions.