Ensemble XML Virtual Document Development Guide
Settings for XML Business Operations
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Provides reference information for settings of XML virtual document business operations.
XML virtual document business operations provide the following settings:
Group Settings  
Basic Settings Format section in this topic
Additional Settings Search Table Class Settings for Business Operations in Ensemble Virtual Documents
The remaining settings are either common to all business operations or are determined by the file adapter. For information, see:
Specifies how to form the outbound document. You can leave this empty, in which case defaults are used. Or you can specify a string that contains a suitable combination of the characters listed in The pFormat Argument,” earlier in this book.
For example, if you use the value C(UTF-8)q, the outbound document is in the UTF-8 character set and attributes are set off with double quotes. For another example, if you use the value C(UTF-16)a, the outbound document is in the UTF-16 character set and attributes are alphabetized.

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