Caché Monitoring Guide
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Preface : 
Chapter 1: 
1.1 Monitoring System Dashboard Indicators
1.2 Monitoring System Performance
1.3 Monitoring Locks
1.4 Monitoring Caché Logs
Chapter 2: 
2.1 Running the Diagnostic Report Task
2.2 Configuring Diagnostic Report Settings
2.3 Diagnostic Report Contents
Chapter 3: 
3.1 Caché System Monitoring Tools
3.2 Caché Monitor Overview
3.3 Using the ^MONMGR Utility
3.4 Caché Monitor Errors and Traps
Chapter 4: 
4.1 Caché System Monitor
4.2 Caché Health Monitor
4.3 Caché Application Monitor
Chapter 5: 
5.1 Running ^GLOSTAT
5.2 Overview of ^GLOSTAT Statistics
5.3 Examples of ^GLOSTAT Output
       5.3.1 Example A
       5.3.2 Example B
       5.3.3 Example C
Chapter 6: 
6.1 Using ^PERFMON
       6.1.1 Start
       6.1.2 Stop
       6.1.3 Pause
       6.1.4 Resume
       6.1.5 Sample Counters
       6.1.6 Clear
       6.1.7 Report
       6.1.8 Collect
6.2 Report Examples
Chapter 7: 
7.1 Using ^PROFILE
7.2 ^PROFILE Example
Chapter 8: 
8.1 Invoking the Line-by-line Monitoring Routine
8.2 Line-by-line Monitoring Options
8.3 Sample Line-by-line Monitor Reports
8.4 Line-by-line Monitor Programming Interface
Chapter 9: 
9.1 Using ^BLKCOL
9.2 ^BLKCOL Ouput
Chapter 10: 
10.1 Running the ^pButtons Utility
10.2 Generating ^pButtons Performance Reports
10.3 Scheduling the ^pButtons Utility with Task Manager
10.4 Customizing the ^pButtons Utility
10.5 Performance Reports Created by ^pButtons Utility
Chapter 11: 
11.1 Considering Seizes, ASeizes, and NSeizes
Chapter 12: 
12.1 Base Metrics
12.2 Collecting Data
12.3 Summaries
12.4 Accessing the Data
12.5 Adding User-defined Metrics
Appendix A: 
A.1 Running PATROL with Caché
A.2 Caché PATROL Knowledge Modules
A.3 Caché Metrics Used with BMC PATROL
Appendix B: 
B.1 Using SNMP with Caché
B.2 Caché as a Subagent
B.3 Managing SNMP in Caché
B.4 SNMP Troubleshooting
B.5 Caché MIB Structure
B.6 Sample User-defined SNMP Monitor Class
Appendix C: 
C.1 Configuring WMI in Caché
C.2 Using WMI with Caché
C.3 Generating a WMI Documentation Text File
Appendix D: 
D.1 Overview of Caché Support for WS-Monitoring
D.2 Support Details
D.3 URL for the Monitoring Web Service
D.4 Web Methods of the Monitoring Web Service
D.5 Monitoring Web Client
D.6 Processing Events
Appendix E: 
E.1 Basics of Running cstat
E.2 Running cstat with Options
E.3 Viewing cstat Output

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