Caché MultiValue Query Language (CMQL) Reference
LPTR clause
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Directs query output to a printer.
LPTR [n]
The LPTR clause directs all output from a query statement to printer channel 0. The same operation can be performed using the (P letter code option. LPTR n directs all output from a query statement to the printer channel specified in n. For further information on printer channels, refer to the Spooler Commands chapter of The Caché MultiValue Spooler.
In Caché MultiValue (and all emulations except Reality, jBase, and UniData) issuing a CMQL statement with an LPTR clause closes the spooler job when the CMQL program terminates. In UniData emulation, a CMQL statement gets its own unique spooler job. This default behavior can be changed using SP-CONDUCT.

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