ObjectScript Tutorial
Exercise 1: First Data Entry Routine
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  1. Start Studio, and create a new routine, in the SAMPLES namespace.
  2. Enter the following ObjectScript:
    mydatent ; first data entry routine
        read !, "Name: " , name
        if name="" {quit  }  ; user entered nothing
        read !, "Phone: ", phone
        read !, "DOB: ", dob
        write !!
    display ; display the data
        write !, "Name:", ?20, name
        write !, "Phone:", ?20, phone
        write !, "DOB:", ?20, dob
  3. Specify mydatent as the filename, and “Macro Routine” in the Files of type field. Click Save As. Then, click Build –> Compile to compile your routine.
  4. Start Terminal, and run your routine, in the SAMPLES namespace, by typing do ^mydatent.

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