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Importing Classes to Use in the Examples
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To complete the following hands-on examples, first import both of the classes, TestMe and Contact, contained in UnitTestExamples.xml. This file is in <cachesys>/Dev/Tutorials/UnitTestEx. To import the classes:

  1. Open Studio in the namespace you want to work in, such as USER.
  2. Browse to UnitTestExamples.xml. Click the file and click Open.
  3. In the Import Dialog, leave the two boxes checked: Add Imported Items to Project and Compile Imported Items. Click Select All and OK.
In a standard Caché installation on Windows, <cachesys> is c:\InterSystems\Cache.
In a standard Caché installation on UNIX® or Linux, <cachesys> is /usr/cachesys.
The second file UnitTestSolutions.xml contains solutions for both the examples and the exercises.

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