MultiValue Quick Start Tutorial
Creating a CSP Page
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Here are the steps for creating a CSP page using Studio:

  1. Open Studio. On the menu bar, click File–>Change Namespace. This displays the Caché Connection Manager dialog.
  2. Click MYACCOUNT and then click OK. Studio is now connected to the MYACCOUNT namespace.
  3. On the menu bar, click File–>New.
  4. On the New dialog, click the CSP File tab. Click the Caché Server Page icon and then click OK.
  5. The Studio Editor displays the new CSP page. Locate the area between the <body></body> tags. Replace the existing text “My Page Body” with the following HTML:
       <h2>Welcome to CSP!</h2>
  6. On the menu bar, click File–>Save and then click csp/user on the Save As dialog. Name the file FirstPage.CSP. Click Save As.
  7. On the menu bar, click Build–>Compile to compile FirstPage.CSP.

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