MultiValue Quick Start Tutorial
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The following examples assume that you have imported the sample Universe account into Caché. Read Migrating a MultiValue Application for instructions.

The first step is to use the MultiValue shell to load PROTOCLASS into MyAccount.
MyAccount: ; file="<cachesys>\dev\mv\samples\PROTOCLASS.xml" 
MyAccount: ; stat = "%SYSTEM.OBJ"->Load(file,"c")
Load started on 01/06/2009 11:46:37
Loading file C:\InterSystems\Cache\Dev\mv\samples\PROTOCLASS.xml as xml
Imported document: PROTOCLASS.mvb
Load finished successfully.
Note that the exact location of PROTOCLASS depends upon where you installed Caché. In general the location is <cachesys>\Dev\mv\samples where <cachesys> is the Caché installation directory.
PROTOCLASS can also be loaded programmatically. See Loading PROTOCLASS Programmatically for example code.

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