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POST /Data/PivotExecute
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Executes the MDX query defined by a pivot table and obtains the results.
URL Parameters
None. Note that a request body is required; see the next heading.
Request Body Details
This service uses the following properties of the request body:
PIVOT Required. Full logical name of the pivot table, including the name of the folder that contains it.
FILTERS Optional. Specifies any additional filters to add to the query. If specified, this property must be an array of strings, each of which specifies a filter value.
WAIT Optional. Specify 0 or 1 (the default). If this property is 0, the server sends partial results. If this property is 1, the server assumes the client wishes to wait for complete results before sending a response.
TIMEOUT Optional. Timeout for waiting for query results, in seconds. The default timeout for this wait is 2 seconds less than the session’s timeout setting.
VARIABLES Optional. Specifies the values for any pivot variables used in the pivot table. Specify this as an array of objects. Each object must specify the name and value properties.
Example Request
Example Response
This service returns the same response object as POST /Data/MDXExecute.

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