Defining DeepSee Models
Defining Listing Fields
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This chapter describes how to add individual listing fields to a cube. With individual listing fields, users can create custom listings in the Analyzer. This chapter discusses the following topics:

Also see the chapter Defining Listings.”
About User-Defined Custom Listings
The purpose of individual listing fields is to enable users to define custom listings in the Analyzer. This process is described in Creating a Custom Listing in Using the DeepSee Analyzer, but the following steps provide a summary:
  1. To start, the user displays the default listing.
  2. The user selects Detail Listings in the left area of the Analyzer.
  3. The user then expands the Custom Listing folder. For example:
  4. The user can then drag listing fields from this area to the Custom Listing Fields box. DeepSee then executes the listing query and displays the results.
Creating a Listing Field
To create a listing field:
  1. The system displays a dialog box.
  2. For Enter New Item Name, type a listing name.
    See Names for Model Elements,” earlier in this book.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Select the listing name in the Model Viewer, in the Listing Fields section.
  5. Optionally specify the following details:
    In Field Expression, you can use SQL functions, including Caché SQL functions such as %EXTERNAL. When a user creates a custom listing in the Analyzer, DeepSee creates an SQL SELECT statement that contains a comma-separated list of the Field Expression of the selected listing fields.
    You can specify an SQL alias within Field Expression. However, if you do so, Display name is ignored and the field name cannot be localized.
You can also create a listing field via drag-and-drop action. To do so, drag a field from the left area and drop it onto the Listing Fields heading. Then select the new listing field and make any needed edits in the right-hand area.
You can also drag a different source field and drop it into Field Expression. If you do so, the value there is replaced with the new field.

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