Ensemble XML Virtual Document Development Guide
Defining Rule Sets for XML Virtual Documents
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This chapter discusses how to create rule sets for XML virtual documents, for use in business processes. It discusses the following topics:

To configure a business process to use a rule set, specify its Business Rule Name setting; see Adding a Business Process to Handle XML Virtual Documents,” earlier in this book.
Creating a Rule Set
To create a rule set for XML virtual documents:
  1. Optionally load the applicable XML schema or schemas into Ensemble.
    See Loading XML Schemas into Ensemble earlier in this book.
  2. Use the Rule Set editor in the Management Portal or in Studio, as described in Developing Business Rules.
  3. For the rule set basic definition, use Virtual Document Message Routing Rule for Type.
  4. For any rule constraint in the rule set, use the following values:
  5. Create rules as usual, using the XML property paths described earlier in this book. There are two basic scenarios:
After you save and compile the rule set, it is available for use in a business process.
The following shows the class definition for a simple rule set. This rule set has one rule that uses a DOM-style path to check the <MRN> element of the <Patient> document. Depending on the returned value, the rule routes the message to either FileOut1 or FileOut2. Notice that in this case, the rule constraint does not refer to the XML schema or type.
Class Demo09.MyRules Extends Ens.Rule.Definition

Parameter RuleAssistClass = "EnsLib.MsgRouter.VDocRuleAssist";

XData RuleDefinition [ XMLNamespace = "" ]
<ruleDefinition alias="" context="EnsLib.MsgRouter.VDocRoutingEngine">
<ruleSet name="" effectiveBegin="" effectiveEnd="">
<rule name="CheckMRN" disabled="false">
<constraint name="msgClass" value="EnsLib.EDI.XML.Document"></constraint>
<when condition="Document.{/$2:Patient/$2:MRN}=&quot;123456789&quot;">
<send transform="" target="FileOut1"></send>
<when condition="Document.{/$2:Patient/$2:MRN}!=&quot;123456789&quot;">
<send transform="" target="FileOut2"></send>


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