Ensemble XML Virtual Document Development Guide
Defining Search Tables for XML Virtual Documents
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This chapter describes briefly how to define search tables for XML virtual documents. It discusses the following topics:

To configure a business service or business operation to use a search table class, specify the Search Table Class setting of that business host. See Configuration Steps,” earlier in this book.
The XML search table class, EnsLib.EDI.XML.SearchTable indexes only the name of the root element of the XML documents.
If you need more items to search, you can create a subclass. For details, see Defining a Search Table Class in Ensemble Virtual Documents.
Ensemble does not retroactively index messages that were received before you added the search table class.
The following shows an example:
XData SearchSpec [ XMLNamespace = "" ]
   <Item DocType="MyApp:Patient" PropName="Gender" >{*:/Patient/Gender}</Item>
   <Item DocType="MyApp:Patient" PropName="MRN" >{*:/Patient/@MRN}</Item>

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